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Do not merely 'survive' adversity but rather be an 'overcomer'


Surviving suggests 'victim' and YOU are NO victim.  YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER! Do not turn your current beliefs and habits into dogma. Learn to find peace within yourself, be deliberate in your actions, starve your anxieties, practice self-control and self-mastery. Be autonomous by cultivating deep relationships with those around you while also having interests of our own to cultivate too. Practice integrity by being honest about the truth that can exist both inside us as well as outside of us; practicing honesty is a form of respect for oneself because it embodies one’s commitment to understanding the reality we live in (and therefore furthering growth)––to perceive without delusions or illusions like egoism: what's out there? And practice humility which is such an important quality on this path towards enlightenment––humility recognizes how human we really are so that when mistakes happen they don't feel like such a shame but rather just part of the process...

Let Cherie Callahan inspire your event with her stories of personal hardships and professional adversities that helped move her towards her life's purpose.  

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